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Bahamas - Travel Guide

Reaching from the coast of the United States and pointing into the heart of the Caribbean Sea, the Bahamas consists of over 700 islands, 2,000 cays and innumerable rocky outcroppings noteworthy for their history of causing shipwrecks.  Rumors abound that it is here that the lost city of Atlantis can be found, and if not, the famed Atlantis resort more than makes up for it.

Although an independent nation, the islands remain a part of the Commonwealth and recognize the reigning British monarch as their head of state. Nowhere is this British influence more apparent than in the capital city of Nassau, which also boasts the 14th century French stone Cloisters.  While at the close of each year the island pulsates with the Junkanoo parade, it is the year round fishing that calls most visitors.

Any Caribbean trip to the islands that extend over these 500 miles of water , from the Grand Bahama with its lively casinos to each of the so named ‘Out Islands’, has its own unique draw, whether its sport fishing on the famous ‘gateway island’ of Bimini, or strolling along the pink sands of the evocative sounding Eleuthera.


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