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Bonaire - Travel Guide

Known as the ‘B’ of the ‘ABC Islands’ of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, this is the least developed of the three. The main draw of Bonaire can be found in plain sight, as the driver’s license plates on the cars simply state ‘Diver’s Paradise’. Bonaire is not only ringed with reefs but it is itself a reef. Klein Bonaire, an offshore uninhabited island, is a major underwater adventurer’s destination. Not only is it rated as one of the best rated diving and snorkeling sites in the world, but Bonaire offers rewarding panoramic views for those willing to hike the steep hills and discover hidden coves. 

Binoculars are a must as over 200 species of birds can be found here, the most famous being the flamingos. Although appealing to the nature lover and active vacationer alike, Bonaire still has a bit of nighttime entertainment on offer although not as glitzy as her sister island of Aruba. Almost everyone at some point or another ends up Karel’s Beach Bar, from sun darkened scuba divers to honeymooners.

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