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Think of Cuba and the mind fills with the image of an island that sways and pulsates to the rhythm of son.  The traditional Cuban fusion of Spanish, Haitian, French and African sound plays lightly in the afternoon, and swells to fill the air at night along with danzón, mambo, rhumba, salsa and the familiar cha-cha-cha.
The largest island in the Caribbean, Cuba retains an aura of mystique. Spanish is the main language spoken here but Haitian Creole is dominant enough to be officially recognized as its second language.

 The curving shoreline takes you from the beaches of ‘la playa azul’, Varadero Beach, on the north coast of the island, right into the heart of Havana where festivities call to you from the grand hotels and small roadside bars, and wraps around the south to the rocky mountain peaks of the infamous Sierra Maestra, seat of the beginnings of the Cuban Revolution in the 1950’s.
Cuba is rich in colonial history and its preserved architecture is to be found everywhere and marveled at.  With modern conveniences, yet still caught in time, it moves to the warm sultry beats of the latin fire that reflects the soul of its people.

Latest Review: I love how the charming old vehicles in Cuba makes for some interesting pictures. A friend of mine had the best experience in Cuba. Took a trip.. ran out ...more
From: Ten | Aug 10,2009

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